Monday, May 5, 2008

JavaOne - Day One

Monday is the Java University, or the free Community One which is a mix of vendor presentations, I believe. (Update: Saw the aftermath. Looks like it's mostly white board booths, with some partying.)

Morning course: Designing and Implementing Secure Java Technology Web Services

  • Presented by John Ranta

  • 6 days course packed into 2.5 hours

  • Brief description of Java technologies for web services & platforms

  • Brief description of web services processing and the bigger-than-military-use list of acronyms

  • Crammed/skipped the section on securing Java web services security using message-layer security 

  • Demo on Netbeans and the packaged Glassfish V2 to quickly create a web service project and web service client project

  • Concluded with a presentation of Metro Web Services Stack (Tango + JAX-WS + JAXB) by Jiandong Guo & Marek Potociar

Afternoon course: Web 2.0: Leveraging the Project jMaki and Google Web Toolkits for Rapid Website Development


  • jMaki presented by Evan Troyka

  • convention over configuration in building Web 2.0 applications quickly

  • extracts javascript details; project went further to extract lots of widgets to a common interface

  • drag-n-drop GUI builder

Google Web Toolkits

  • Google Web Toolkit presented by David Geary

  • Author of many books: Graphic Java 2 Swing, Core Java Server Faces, Advanced JavaServer Pages, GWT Solutions - see the theme here?

  • Memeber of JSTL and JSF 1.0/2.0 Expert Groups, 2nd Struts committer, inventor of Struts Template Library, wrote questions for Sun's Web Dev. Cert. Exam, President of Clarity Training, Inc.

  • GWT enables Ajax web application development in pure Java using familiar idioms from AWT, SWT and Swing

  • GWT compiles Java to JavaScript for most browser flavors and automatically detects the correct JavaScript library to use for the client. Don't trust Java --> JavaScript "compilation"? It's just like compiling Java source into Java byte code. Trust Google!

  • Drag and drop not yet supported, but can be implemented using AbsolutePanel, FocusPanel and MouseListener

  • GWT Solutions book site

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