Wednesday, May 7, 2008

JavaOne - Day Three

The Script Bowl: A Rapid Fire Comparison of Scripting Languages - Guillaume Laforge, Charles Nutter; Jorge Ortiz, Raghavan Srinivas, Frank Wierzbicki

Contenders: Groovy, JRuby, Jython, Scala


  1. Rich Client Application

  2. Web application

  3. Open (free format)

Impressive how little code is needed in each of these.

Hands-on Struts 2 - Ian Roughley

Similar on the outside with Struts 1; all changes under the hood. Threading model is the biggest change.

Dependency injection to access business services, e.g. Guice or Spring.

Debugging Data Race - Cliff Click

More of a theoretical talk. Talk easier to follow than slides.

Bad news: Available tools suck and even require PhD to use. What we do today with visual inspection and logging/printing is state of the art.

Good news: java.util.concurrent helps. "volatile" keyword fixes double check locking

Creating a Compelling User Experience - Ben Galbraith

Sex sells. It works in advertising, and it works in software. It's all about managing user expectations. Aesthetically pleasing software is perceived as easier to use, even when it's not. One theory is that users like how it looks and are thinking more creatively in its use.

Applications for the Masses by the Masses: Why Engineers Are an Endangered Species - Todd Fast

Social networking software with large user base of high school & college users. Facebook as a platform. Widgets on blogs.


I don't know about this. I could add a bunch of widgets to my blog, but that's not the same as creating a new and useful application.

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