Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Using proXPN on Tunnelblick

Just signed up for the free proXPN service that supports OpenVPN connectivity. Since I use Tunnelblick (OpenVPN client on Mac OS X), it'd be nice not having to install another VPN app.

Good thing it's fairly easy to configure.

1. Download and open proXPN for Mac but don't install. It's needed to copy the config files.
2. Add new VPN configuration in Tunnelblick

Choose "I have configuration files"

Choose "OpenVPN Configuration(s)"

Choose "Create Tunnelblick VPN Configuration"

Follow these steps.

That's about it! Here are the files to copy into the new Tunnelblick configuration folder. Open the package contents for the proXPN download. Look in /Contents/Resources and copy these files.

├── ca.crt
├── client.1.down.tunnelblick.sh
├── client.1.up.tunnelblick.sh
├── client.2.down.tunnelblick.sh
├── client.2.up.tunnelblick.sh
├── client.crt
├── client.down.osx.sh
├── client.down.tunnelblick.sh
├── client.key
├── client.nomonitor.down.osx.sh
├── client.nomonitor.up.osx.sh
├── client.up.osx.sh
├── client.up.tunnelblick.sh
└── proxpn.ovpn

The proxpn.ovpn file needs a little modification. Just uncomment this line:
#remote miami.proxpn.com 443

And remove the "ssl/" directory from the certs.

Change these:
ca ssl/ca.crt
cert ssl/client.crt
key ssl/client.key

To these:
ca ca.crt
cert client.crt
key client.key

Give it a test, and it connects after logging in.

The basic 300kbps free service will need some patience, but it's still faster than many free wifi services. ;-)


tmartineau said...

Thanks for this I do not think I could of got this working with out it. I had one issue though. In the proxpn.ovpn the lines:

ca ssl/ca.crt
cert ssl/client.crt
key ssl/client.key

Need to be changed to:

ca ca.crt
cert client.crt
key client.key

Other than that this worked out, so thanks again.

Mark said...

Thanks tmartineau. Updated with your changes.

I believe I had to do the same in my setup, but had forgotten about it...